How to Improve Your Internet Speed

It’s safe to say you have a broadband speed issue when loading a web page feels like waiting in line on black Friday.

What causes slow Internet Speed?

The pain of having slow internet connection isn’t only determined by your internet package or broadband provider. The age of your computer, your computer settings as well as your wireless hardware also play a role in the speed of your internet. If you're fed-up with slow internet speeds and want to avoid relocating just to improve your broadband speeds then this guide is for you.

Optimize Your Wifi Router

Often times a slow internet speed is due to an issue with your wireless router and could be improved by simply relocating it away from other devices it for a better signal. Other devices such as microwave ovens or home phones that operate in the same frequency can disrupt your wifi signal. The more walls and objects your wireless signal goes through the weaker your signal will be. It’s also worth mentioning that if your wi-fi is not securely protected by a password then anyone (such as your neighbors) can log onto your network which will result in lower internet speeds.

Tidy Up Your Machine

It’s possible that other applications apart from your internet browser could be contributing to the reduction of internet speed. Applications that run automatic software updates, security sweeps or pop-ups can consume broadband speeds. Often times we’re not aware of this happening. Increase your internet speed by closing or removing unwanted or unused applications as well as keeping your streaming to a minimum.

Invest in Better Hardware

After having fidgeting with your router and cleaning up your machine it may be worth your while to upgrade your hardware.

Powerline Adapters

Powerline adapters boost internet signal throughout your home with the use of existing power cables. These are notably helpful in rooms with weak signals as they can turn power sockets into an internet port. Internet providers may provide you one or allow you to purchase one at a later date.

Invest in a Better Router

Many of the wireless routers that come with basic internet packages often do not perform as well as wireless routers provided with packages advertised with higher internet speeds. This is mostly due to the fact that different routers support different internet speeds. If you're using an older router for a high speed connection you may need to upgrade to a wireless router that supports more speed.

Check your Broadband Filter/Splitter

If you're using a ADSL connection your internet provider should equip you with a broadband filter. It’s also commonly called a microfilter or splitter. Broadband performance can be reduced if your microfilter is malfunctioning or incorrectly installed.

Check to make sure:

  • No other splitter comes before the microfilter. It should be plugged into your phone line before anything else.
  • You have a microfilter in every phone jack you're using.
  • Other filters are not interfering with the microfilter, if others are being used.
  • Your microfilter is not defective by switching it out for a spare if possible.

Change your Provider

In the event that all else fails, switching internet providers may be your best bet. Shop around and compare services at your home address. Internet providers can test to see if the speeds they provide meet your needs and expectations before signing up.