Choosing the Perfect Internet Speed for You

One of the most difficult decisions that a computer owner has to make is the decision to order Internet service. Many people struggle with knowing how fast they need their Internet service to be. Prices for Internet service vary considerably according to the speed, so knowing what’s right is paramount. The following guide can help you choose the correct speed of service if you are having difficulty.

Upload vs. Download Speed

People measure Internet speed by the millions of megabits that their computers can transfer per second. This figure is written “Mbps.” Two measurements refer to Internet speed: upload speed and download speed. The upload speed is the speed at which you can transfer documents from your computer. The download speed, the more important speed of the two, is the speed at which you can download documents to your computer.

1-4 Mbps: Snail Speed

This is the slowest Internet speed you can get, and it is quite similar to dial-up speed. You will not be able to enjoy videos without buffering for what seems like an eternity. You will be able to check your email and browse the web if you do not mind twiddling your thumbs while the pages change. This speed is good if you do not use the Internet much.

4-6 Mbps: Turtle Speed

You have a little more capability with this speed, but it is still slow. You can safely listen to small music files and have a smooth experience. You can check your email and shares some files, as well.

6-10 Mbps: Casual or Recreational Speed

This is an excellent speed if you are a casual computer user who gets on your system more than few times a week. It’s a lukewarm speed that is not too fast and not too slow. You can watch videos or participate in online gaming.

10-15 Mbps: You’re a Worker or Student

This range is perfect if you go to school online or if your main job is an online occupation. You can safely participate in your online school activities as well as teledoctor video sessions.

15-50 Mbps: You’re an Artist

Choose this speed range if you will be using online applications for music editing, video creation, graphic arts, energy monitoring, surveillance and such things. It’s lightning fast.

50 + Mbps: You’re a Business

This is a blazing-fast speed that you should use if you are a business, and several people will share the connection. This connection is good for big tasks like medical imagery, supercomputing, video conferencing and more.

Now you have an idea of which speed will suit you best. Choose wisely and remember to have fun no matter what you do.